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Rainbow Name Of John

Artist Jessie Ren is an expert in Chinese Calligraphy Name Art and Rainbow Art Name Painting. She majored in Building and Environmental Engineering in university, but she has shown much flair in paintings and Chinese Calligraphy since young. She has demonstrated Rainbow Art Name Painting and Chinese Calligraphy Name Art  in Chinatown of Singapore for almost ten years.

Jessie`s Calligraphy Stall

1.     She was interviewed by the TV stations of:

  • Germany in early October 2004.
  • Kingdom of Norway in May 2007
  • “Channel News Asia” of Singapore in March 2008
  • Thailand in August 2010.

2.    She was reported by magazines:

  • “Time out of Singapore” in February 2008
  • “Very” in Japan in May 2008
  • Painting For Actor Daniel Radcliffe–Harry Potter
  • Her masterworks “Two Phoenix” have been presented as souvenir gifts to famous actor Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter) in celebrating the official opening of his movie “ The Order of The Phoenix” in June 2007. Artist Jessie`s Rainbow Name Arts pieces or Chinese Calligraphy Name Art works  are deeply appreciated and acquired by people all over the world every day.

    Kelly, Tom In Chinese Calligraphy Hand Written

    Couple Names in Rainbow Calligraphy


Traditional Chinese Wall Scroll

Calligraphy western name on Chinese wall scroll in Chinatown of Singapore


Jessie Ren say hello to all !!!

Calligraphy for Nuno & Helena on a traditional Chinese wall scroll



Jessie Ren & Helena in Chinatown of Singapore

Chinese Calligraphy for Jill & Kent in a Traditional Chinese Wall Scroll

Jessie Ren’s hand writing and painting (dragon & snake) on a Calligraphy wall scroll for Jill & Kent in Chinatown of Singapore on 30 June 2013.


More details about wall scroll, please visit : www/ Thank you!

Chinese calligraphy for Beth & Jordan in Chinatown of Singapore

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English names in Chinese calligraphy writting, bookmark size,artworks made by artist Jessie ren in Chinatown of Singapore
English name Will, Bianca in Chinese calligraphy with decorative paintings, Bookmark size. Chinese calligraphy:English name in Chinese calligraphy symbols with decorative painting. Bookmark size.